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February 5, 2013


Business MOOVS Column – ‘MAKING MOOVS‘ – Written by Tony Loubriel – Winter 2013

Ruined Branding a.k.a. Every Dollar Ain’t A Good Dollar


It’s a new year but for my fellow entrepreneurs it’s the same grind. We work and work, and maybe, just maybe we hang around long enough to be successful. Character, strength and commitment aren’t innate traits. We must cultivate them. That being said I’d like to look at  supreme brands I’ve found flaws with, which if I named and I’d bet they’d lose 20% of their market share.

Designer Bag A Brief History.

I remember being young and my sister who was 5 years older wanted a Designer bag. Not being from money it was obviously out of the question. Certain Designer Names are always synonymous with Quality. They’re known to be not just a designer good but worth the money. As I…

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