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February 5, 2013


Simple question. Harder to answer.
You see most guys I know are running from fear so hard they can’t see what else is going on. They put on the brave front, the flashy bravado- and move through life hiding from their own shadows.
Our inner fears have a way of being massively destructive. When we let those fears dictate our lives we become nothing more than old children.
Is that what you want out of your life?
Is that what you are really looking to accomplish?
See, the way I see it fear is a good thing when it means we are being cautious. The Bible says fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Good words. Smart concept.
however fear also cripples. And I won’t be a cripple (no offense to any specific party).
Now let’s delve into the real fear that cripples men- fear of success.
You see its much easier to be nobody.
Mediocrity is quite comfortable.
I’ve worked with a lot of people who like being bottom feeders. And hey we will always need a few. I’m not callous, I just see that some people are comfy where they land. But to me a majority of men know they are called to be great. To lead, to serve.
That aint to easy or fun now is it though?
Well folks I’m calling you out-
Why not be successful?
When you fear success you fear living.
Let me say that again:
When you fear success you fear living.
Its as simple as that.
Success scares most people. Living for the gold, chasing the win- its perilous. Not because you might lose, we all lose from time to time. Its the winning that scares us and its two fold.
-One what will it be like, how will you handle it?
Fear of what lies beyond the gold medal, or beating Bobby Fischer destroys men. When you live day in and day out striving toward a goal and after myriad tries it is achieved many feel they won’t know what to do next. Ever heard about the guy who retires and dies the next day? Anxiety. Fear come to life. He did it and now doesn’t know what do. And it broke him.

-Two what will yo do next.
You see when you keep putting off for tomorrow you have something to look forward to. Call it procrastinators masturbation. It works, and millions practice it but in the end you’re only……

In both cases completion of a task or success broke the person(s) in question.
Why fear success? Success fulfills the master of his destiny.
For many success is a lofty goal fraught with adversity. Even when peers prove it is easily obtainable many will shrug it off. Deny its plausibility. The fear is talking though. And it isn’t fear that it can’t be done it’s that it can.
Life is crazy. And its perilously short.
So why not play it close to the felt?
Why not be your best?
How? Simple. Chase The Dream.
That’s it.
Every waking moment chase what you want. Team up with those who have gotten there.
Follow the path your gut has chosen.
Do what YOU want. Be who you want.
When you lay down to sleep focus on what you want and fall asleep with that as your last thought.
When you awake- repeat the same goals and dreams.
Find affirmations that work.
Find people that want to achieve.
Life is a team sport so get in the game.
Don’t be crippled by a dream, build a kingdom on it’s foundation.


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