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February 19, 2013

Here in New York City we have had a citywide school bus strike for just over a month now.

And as I type this sentence their strike is effectively over. Though technically on a pause, they are back to work Wednesday with the kids as we are all off till the aforementioned day.

The million dollar question is quite simply-
Did they win? And, what was accomplished?
In this writers eyes nothing.

They received no compensation and none of their demands were met.
Also they didn’t collect any unemployment as they were on strike voluntarily. So it was/is a net loss.
Now I’m a big believer in standing up for what you believe in. But timing is everything. And this time they were way off.
Mayor Bloomberg couldn’t care what New Yorkers want. He is leaving his seat of leadership soon so any negative fallout isn’t his problem. He’s also notorious in his hatred of unions.
He had no reason to acquiesce to their demands.
What would he gain?
Heck at this point he was the guy releasing funds to reimburse parents for their mileage and Metrocard usage. People may sympathize with the picketers but if your kid got the waivers- well, I’ll bet you hate them a lil bit now.
Overall it would seem a victory for Mayor Bloomberg.

Let’s Delve Deeper.

Kids on the bus, are now off the bus.
Let’s assume 30,000 kids are serviced by school bus services.
And the strike took out about 30% as not all unions were in on the strike.
So 10,000 students/kids were left in the lurch.
Side point- I see where the union stands but
I know the parents and schools may not agree.
Back to the focal point-out of those 10,000 students quite a few were given temporary Metrocard status, aka they could travel too and from school alone or with a guardian etc. Now some of these students are not going to want to get back on the yellow bus aka the cheese bus.
Also a lot of the parents may see how much simpler it is to let their young adults stay on Metrocard status. No need to put them on a bus or take them off.
The trade off here is it is cheaper for the city to reimburse the MTA than pay school bus service providers. For arguments sake let’s say its $12,000 a year per bus student and $1400 a year per Metrocard issued. That’s about $10,000 saved per year, per student.
Now my math is probably wrong in the average dollar amounts I chose but I know it costs more to pay a driver and a matron than to put a Metrocard in that kid’s hand.
So its a net win for Mayor Bloomberg again.
It also amounts to lost wages or jobs for the unions as their pool of potential income aka students has shrunk.
Did they shaft themselves?
Did they win anything?
Did they lose anything?
This writer says yes.

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