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February 25, 2013


Include a lot of links in your blog posts?

Don’t want to waste characters and space?
Always better to say less right?

Concise is what they call that and I’ve got a great way to help you do that.

If you blog a lot from your smartphone then here is the fast way to shrink links without adding an app to do this.
I use my ubersocial app to shrink every link I have.
Simply put its fast, easy, and correct.
I go to my blackberry drop down menu, click uber tweet and paste the link. After that I scroll down to shrink url and viola it is done. After that I copy it and paste it where applicable.
Another nifty benefit of this is that I can write a tweet then and there that is perfectly tailored and I’m not wasting any effort.

One last trick: Hyperlinks in…

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