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March 28, 2013

This is hip hop?
So disgusted.
Instagram was not made for his codeine cough syrup Tuesdays and shitty jewelry Thursdays. Or maybe it was.
Aren’t any of my fellow hip hop heads tired of this false bravado wrapped in bawdy trinkets?
Ballin’ is having the money.
Not wasting it.
But I guess that’s irrelevant as long as you can strut and pose, lie and mislead your fan base.
Good job rappers.
Nothing to say and even less to lead.
Your contribution to self expression is laughed at by those with real “chips” and real power.

And the rest of us- the real rappers and educated folk- we’ve ceased seething.
You aren’t worth our derision.
But for the sake of the few young who still read my ramblings and those of my cohorts I feel obligated to point out this morally reprehensible behavior.

Ignorance is in fast forward and rap is in reverse.
Cheap lines and bragadocio mixed with drug dealer slang is all that seems to be left of hip hop.
I mean hey, the rich kids are beat boxing and break-dancing so I guess someone gets credit. Or are we merely being robbed of more of our innate self distinguishing style that has transcended decades if not centuries(see African Griots for starters)?

Maybe I’m lost in time. Stuck in the 90’s era of rap that gave me Mobb Deep, Canibus, Nas, Chino XL, Ras Kass, Gza, Rza, Big Pun, and so many others.
Or maybe Hip hop is dying, becoming a faded dream, a ghost in a shell- besot by marketing and cheap ploys to sell products on all sides.
I’m sure Lil’ Wayne will tell me…


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  1. LesScott permalink

    All eye on Me, “Right” what I mean? Is, BeatStreet was a Blueprint for those who choose to make a plan and work it a.k.a Excute it. Before, Ramos died they had a plan to make it Ramos just became the sacrifice after the plan to drive Them. The Community What’s the Driving force for HipHop now? “Money” “Fame” Trendsetter or Emotional outburst when somebody die HipNot now is a disappointment we used look down on Drug used now it’s “Pop a Molly I’m sweating” vs. “SelfDestruction” we are headed there. We have titles like Roman’s Hoilday praising everything but the right and the doors are opening says “Nic”. What happen to a “New”mind knowing better and doing Better? He young men who had no Father in his life must didn’t have God cause they Hearts are anything but Godly you know the kid from the streets when I make it I’m going to “Change” things. Well, Change is back but looks the same “Roman’s Hoilday” starring Jay-Z as Pharaoh you know who the Queen is “B” starring the Queen of the Universe Beyonce there Kindom the music industry the other Side of the Bill U got it dude the U.S. Government ran by the same old thinking it’s about race it’s about Money lets get it. How many leader uses the “D”evil tricks? All your favorite Rappers do. Bye Bye HipNot you uses to be Hip-Hop 😦 the rose that grew from concrete isn’t growing anymore its getting choked out. And church ain’t helping much Politics as Usual

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