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April 1, 2013

If you have followed my work on other sites then you know I love interviews. Sitting with leaders and entrepreneurs expands not only the minds of my readers but myself as well.
And with my new series I aim to raise the bar. Without further ado:

Today we spent our time with Kevin Jackson,
A man well ahead of the curve.

-Where you from?
Originally Texas, but I have lived all over, including China, a short time in France. Presently I live in St. Louis.


-Tell my readers exactly what you do-  Businesses you own, ventures, products, etc-
I am a former management consultant. I have two Amazon best-selling books, and host a syndicated radio show out of Tampa, FL.

What brought about
I was frustrated politically, specifically with how black people were being used as political pawns.

-Give my readers a brief synopsis of your three blacksphere projects and tell us which you are most passionate about?
Changing things in the black community. Our Forever Families project gets over 100 kids adopted each year, as whole siblings units. We have a radio project that will build character in the black community. And finally we have a pro-CHILD project that focuses on the sanctity of life.

-I enjoyed your mission statement, please break it down in part with your vision as stated on the site?
My vision is to create more black CEOs. I am achieving this by explaining to black people that we are not victims, we are VICTORS! It’s a tough love approach, but it’s necessary.

-What needs to change in politics immediately?
We need to End Identity Politics. The idea that “color” is the reason somebody can or cannot make it is ridiculous.

-Who did you vote for in the last two elections?
McCain and Romney.

-How did you build your sites popularity and success?
I think if you are true to yourself and your vision really addresses who you are, you can be successful…if you’re relevant. I don’t shoot for temporary success, but success that can sustain itself. The only way to do that is to be true to your message, and fearless in delivery and defense of the message.

-What are your thoughts on social media? Social media has changed and will continue to change the world.

-Do you believe in it’s power?
Absolutely. It can certainly help make a person, again, as long as the person works it correctly, and isn’t looking for 15 minutes of fame.

-What made you embrace your position?
I have seen people gain followings methodically, and with proper messaging obtain rabid supporters.

-What keeps you in this position?
I can see our constant growth, and that’s encouraging.

-What are your secrets to success? Incrementalism and steadfast work ethic. I have also assembled an amazing team of supporters.

-If I gave you a million dollars what or whom would you invest in?
If I were selfish with it, I would likely put it in becoming self-sustaining, i.e. a small farm where I grow everything, have running water, etc. I think we spend far too much on the bare necessities, which are getting more and more expensive. Unselfishly I would continue to do things for kids, just amp it up a bit.

-Advice for my readers?
Be critical thinkers. Don’t believe everything you are told and do the research. Don’t be so dogmatic in a position that you are not willing to look at the other side of things. If blacks did this, there would be no Tiger Woods, because “black people don’t like golf.” We tend to classify things as “white” because we have never done it. Open your minds. The mind once expanded never regains its original shape.

-Your definition of success?
When you know who you are, truly know who you are, that is success.

-What’s your hobby?
I’m an avid martial artist, and continue to train some elite athletes and my youngest son. I love music, and play piano poorly.

-Any projects you’d like to promo?
Just follow my work, KNOWING that I want America to be a place where people can achieve their dreams, unencumbered. I will be promoting some fun project, i.e. a short comedy tour, and I have been asked to put together a sketch comedy show.




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