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April 1, 2013

I’m not gonna talk about this.
I’m not gonna think about it.
When Ol’ Dirty Bastard dropped his first album we all went nuts!
He was amazing.
And looking back 20 years later, yeah I’m getting old, I’m still impressed.
This guy had a theme, good production, and good songs. No matter the one tracks content, it was thematic and organized.

And some of his music was reckless and wild but there was an honesty you could feel. Not like the codeine fiends that run the airwaves now.
And fyi- he was crashing stages in Suits before kanye felt himself too hard to steal spotlights…

R.I.P. Ole Dirty Bastard.
Wu-tang Forever!

Shout out to the artist who made the mural- see the sites


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