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THIS IS HIP HOP? (#2) Discussing rick ross and rap

April 2, 2013

This is hip hop?

I’m so disgusted.
Self expression replaced with violence and materialism to force sales of materialistic hedonism in the form of what some call goods?
Goods? This shit is bad.
This shit is trash.
And he calls himself a man. Rick Ross- he of the formerly known as donut patrol, sell out, corrections, posse now not only masquerades as the opposite but does so stupidly.
To call him an ignoramus defeats the purpose. It belittles the amount of syllables used to express my distaste. Jordan sneakers and guns- both pointed at his mind?
Is that the depth of what his mind is inclined for?

Is this really the face of hip hop?
The drug dealing ex officer who claims to cancel shows over death threats?
Oddly his group was over saturated in the market where the concerts were set. Sounds to me like he knew poor performance sales and wasted tour money were in his immediate future.
To add insult to injury this man went from being an agent of the state to an enemy of the race. His newest track has been lauded and hated for a supposed date rape them. Now some are arguing he doesn’t say it directly- Well, Wow- Thanks.
What an honorable man.
He only alludes to stupidity and criminal acts at their most vulgar.
“Put molly all in her champagne/ She ain’t even know it/ I took her home and I enjoyed that/ She ain’t even know it,” raps Ross.
That’s just great. I assume he was doing her a favor by giving her hazardous poisons masquerading as drugs? Surely he’s seen SVU and knows that Stabler would have yoked his rotund neck?

Lastly- he stole the real Rick Ross’ name.
So ill, so gangsta, so lyrical and inventive that you steal another man’s identity?
Guess all the real names were taken.
Lazy, ignorant, arrogant, whatever. The Real Rick Ross was a criminal as well, and may not be entitled to any copyright et al on a drug czar name and any capital it creates-
But it is his. We can’t deny that fact.
Rap fans aren’t you tired of this fecal matter?

Has our lust for money as artists and men so superseded our responsibilities as leaders and the foundation the community that rape, drugs, and violence are the premier face of rap?
Are you satisfied that your craft is now heralded as the personification of what is the worst parts of us while simultaneously used to create billions in marketing, advertising, and sales of cheap baubles by men who take that money out our communities and place it in Luxembourg?
And you can laud him for his business acumen, and say he is merely making the best out of a bad situation- however when we remove blame then no one need be accountable.
Accountability, integrity, honor, self respect- When did these become catch phrases and not prerequisites?


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One Comment
  1. Fully agree – additional points on mentioning Luxembourg!!!
    Who would have thought one day I’d see my country of residence mentioned in a blog post about Hip-Hop (trash H-H in this case)?! 🙂

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