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April 8, 2013

Now some may find this vulgar.

Some may hate it.

However it is a sad and real situation.  Our youth are jumping through hoops for food but inmates aren’t here in New York.  Inmates rights and freebies have been cut back but it pales in comparison.  Under Obama a lot of kids now get free lunch.  Actually, they all do.

And yet I hear this may be rescinded as after Hurricane Sandy and other stuttering steps it may not be a fiscal reality.

Anyone remember Jadakiss rapping- ‘I know niggas go to jail just to get they teef fixed’.  Now you have benefits or fear jail this sounds horrible.  However for some it isn’t just reality its fiscally feasible- and not only that its fiscally effective.  You see, jail is big money and as such we have to take care of teeth- but rape is open season.  okay, okay, I know that’s another article i have to write but still-COME ON!!!!!!!!!!

In a world where kids can be food insecure-even if you blame the parents- but the inmates who at least 50-64% definitively guilty  are not, something is wrong in our world.

Surely my readers can meet me in the middle to find solutions.

Let’s dialogue.





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