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Meek Mill Find A Jail Cell, Or Shut Up Please

April 16, 2013

I don’t even know why I keep going in on these rappers.
It is good press, I’ll admit it.
But my motives are mildly more altruistic, if not a lil convoluted.

You see I think. Someone who loves hip hop and bumps their music in the whip loud needs to voice a sensible opinion.
Someone from these areas needs to speak from a perspective that smacks of who the other side of hip hop is.
You see I believe in each one teach one.
We get it done when We do it together.
And for the masses to think hip hop heads are rapists, molly zealots and materialistic heathens just isn’t good enough for me

-Saying you don’t care, cuz you from the hood is a cop out.
Either you enjoy not rising to the occasion or you like the excuse. I be you scream Yolo a lot too right?
Isn’t that cute. I’m so hardcore and real I don’t care what I do. Its 2013, the prez is black, and Menace to Society been out the flicks for eons. Let it go.
And since when is being from a “hood” an excuse? A lot of us are from the “hood”- technically we all are lol (neighborhood).

-Now as a lyricist I’m disgusted.
First you threw Biggie under the bus- Why?
I’m no biggie purist but let the past go bro.
Second Ross definitely is a BIG disciple with some southern flare. I’m sure a few followers will disagree but hip hop purists know. Hell, Puff know. The formula works. And every working formula is repeated (see 50 cent pulling a Tupac…).
Next, you a rapper and you stand by this lame rape line? Really? How?
Forget that it’s your craft.
Forget that he is literally describing a crime that there are multiple victims of every few minutes.
Forget the lack of respect for women.
This game puts food on your table and the patriarch of your table made ya whole labels image ass- aint you tight? And save me that united front bravado blah blah. I know that line. And you know what its corny.

How about men holding each other to higher standards?
How about just being men that lead?
Its not too far out there a concept.

Now I’ve been going in on rappers and hip hop a lot lately. ALOT.
But as a fan I’m pissed. This deserves no dignified response in one sense. Yet we have to speak up or any fool is called wise.
As a man I deMANd more.
Simple, focused, needed.
We get what we accept and I’m not having it yall. I call bullshit on the play. Yall love Lebron when though he cries and aint no Jordan, but you hate on Kobe when he stands on that torn achilles ( yeah I know he was accused of rape- I was going for irony lol).

Lastly as a Lyricist I’m incredibly pissed.
I know the industry doesn’t care.
The record labels, especially the majors, are the new cotton fields.
We share crop for fools and then get mad when we don’t desire to serve anymore.
However I am appalled at the lack of artists who spoke up. Twitter bore witness to one grand example of civilized discourse between Talib Kweli and one other rapper.
That was quite refreshing.
But where are the rappers who want it done right? Who don’t care about marketing images/ploys?
The ones who, I dunno, want to lead?
Or did any semblance of that die with Pac???

(Also accused of rape- get with my written program lol).


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