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Skinny Jeans, Hip Hop, and Cultural Osmosis

May 24, 2013

Little Pants.
I hate them. Seriously.
Is there a point to this rant? There just may be. Let’s dig into it.

You see as a grown man in his 30’s not living at home, paying loans and credit cards (yup I still use those) I’m disgusted with the face of hip hop.
And my longer term readers and fans are fully aware of this. Having interviewed some real talent and a legend or two, as well as being an avid hip hop fan for 20+ years I’ve seen hip hop flush itself down the alter/toilet of cheap marketing.

Hip hop was a man’s game. Not to perseverate on stereotypical preconceived notions, but I remember looking up to rappers. No, I didn’t wanna sell dope or pimp hoes or lounge wit the fools.
I wanted to chop words to pieces!
I wanted to make something from nothing.
I wanted to change my fiscal position with the prowess of my pen.

Having always been in love with words it seemed a natural progression.
Mobb Deep, Canibus, Big Pun, Chino XL, Ras Kass, G Rap, LL Cool J, Wu-Tang and so many others blessed my dome with concise content, and amazing metaphors.

Hip hop now though is worthless when it comes to the mainstream.
MTV sold out eons ago and BET was literally sold and what is left of it is basically basura. Anyone remember when 105.1 came on air in NYC? It was playing classics, less commercials and claimed to be the real face of hip hop.
That lasted about 2 weeks and they sold the fans out.

So now you want to see Jay-Z in concert?
He sold you out too. Tickets at 140 bucks.
In 2000 I saw Wu-tang clan for the GZA’s birthday in Wooster Mass for 21 bucks!
And it rocked.

So since I can’t seem to get much real hip hop anymore can I at least get jeans cut for men who hit the weights?
May I please get some respect for my size rather than being lauded when I drop pounds?

Now the two concepts may not seem interconnected but let me rant a little more. Hip hop was for us by us (like that twist right).
And Now It Isn’t.
Simple and to the point.
The media and their pimps are only worried about the bottom line.
If they fuck the fans, or screw anyone and everyone, it’s no big deal.
Pardon the language- actually don’t.
I can’t spend my days caring about who I offend.

Hip hop stole from jails and other shitty styles. Then we went high class and rocked Tommy Hilfiger and his ilk; and they shitted all over the culture that wasn’t their ‘hood.’
We could wear the clothes but they didn’t want any recognition.
Evil devils.
But once they realized we were trend setting, they wanted us in!
Great. Thanks for nothing.

Now I will give hip hop its share of blame.
Rather than having one cohesive brand, with 8 or 9 big label/rap/r&b names, these fools can’t make the business work. Now I could speak on how we are raised to be stars not team members but that’s another article.
I will say that it is high time we all make a run at the throne.
Janet jackson is officially a billionaire.
Don’t you want a taste of that?

Ok I digress- this article went a little bit everywhere, however I’m sure you see the merit.
Hip Hop has become the land of bullshit unless you dig for the diamonds- shout out to Chino XL, Ras Kass, Canibus, Killah Priest, and a small handful of other artists that are amazing and consistent.
I need real hip hop. Lil’ Wayne amused me for a while I won’t lie. However the ignorant behavior, women’s jeans/jeggings and so forth turned me off. Same for Rick Ross.
Pretending to be a drug dealer? Applauding date rape?
I guess no one in mainstream rap or its backers wants tracks like Kings by Chino XL, Poet Laureate by Canibus or Write where I left off by Ras Kass.
So since I can’t get intelligent hip hop on Hot97 and other “premium” locations-
Can I get Levi’s in adult sizes?…


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