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July 5, 2013

You read it right.
YOLO Is A Cop Out.
Keepin it real?
You’re keeping it wrong.
And the kids they don’t know better. To them everyday is so large you would think we were Goldfish.

Yolo, aka You Only Live Once, stands for nothing. To suggest that life is only one time and we get nothing else- so do whatever you feel is sheer ignorance.
By asserting this logic we can assume that pedophilia, rape, murder, theft, usury, spousal abuse, gambling, and any vice/activity/crime is justifiable.
Want to cheat on your wife? Go ahead you only live once.
Want to gangbang the neighbors beagle?
Why not- you only live once.

I beg to differ.
When we reject accountability, especially in pursuit of hedonistic or evil desires we essentially encourage others to build their own castles of destruction.
What the huh? Essentially when we skip being good we encourage bad. Altruistic tendencies should be rewarded not criminal behavior.
I’m not going to shit all over rappers and celebrities.
What I want is personal accountability.
People thinking and caring. My 6 year old nephew knows their repercussions for his actions so he tries to be slick when stealing a sip of soda.
It’s cute.
When we as a species decide it is open season and act with no regard it is morally reprehensible.


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