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The Slaughter Of The Bonds Has Begun Via InvestmentWatch

July 6, 2013

The Trigger Has Been Pulled And The Slaughter Of The Bonds Has Begun Via InvestmentWatch

Not my usual post but finance is a big deal.
And while I have a whole blog dedicated to this called, I want all my readers to think about their economic future. While I don’t want to scare you I do want you to read real financial news and make sure they look at how to bulletproof their financial lives.

Money, debt, finance, and peace of mind are big topics for me. I try to manage them well and build a future where I don’t work. Let me rephrase that.
-I don’t want my work hours to be dictated by someone else.
-I don’t want my pay determined by someone else.
-I don’t want to miss out on my family time. -I don’t want to miss out on all the fun things this world has to offer.
-I want to see the Pyramids and many if not all of the great wonders of the world.
I also want a Porsche and a Rolex, but those are small wants despite their price tags.

People say possessions and physical wealth are all irrelevant.
Or that money can’t buy happiness.
I say horse pucket. Life is full of moments and memories. And a lifetime of Porsche racing sounds great lol.

In all seriousness folks you need to see money for what it is and how the big boys use it. A basic knowledge is good enough to start.

Learn about credit, not just how to spend it.
Learn about debt, and how some debt is bad but some debt is good.
Learn about paying your taxes correctly, not paying them fearfully.
Learn how sharing and charitable giving and or tithing can enhance your life.
Learn to live on less.
Learn to make more.
Learn to chart your bills and your spending.
Learn that money can be your leash or your tool to freedoms you’ve never dreamed of.

Learn folks.
Money is a tool not a burden or a real thing. Money is only what we agree it is and it is only worth what we agree it is- see Gold.

Knowing the issues and marching for Trayvon only gets us so far.
A cause is great. Being able to fund 100 of them is better.
Want social change? Finance it.
Want safer communities and music that feeds the children’s souls and increasing intellect? finance it.
Want to lead and teach?
Master monetary wealth so you are not a SLAVE.

If you are looking for this knowledge- the web is loaded with it. Look for news guided by numbers not political ideology.
Numbers don’t lie and they are also universal. Numbers tell the same story everywhere across the globe.

If you need help or want a mentor to get you going- Let’s chat.
I am licensed in a few fields as are many of my associates so we are well qualified to guide you onto a path of financial freedom.

Hit me here, @blogheavy,
Or at,, or @changeinadvance.

I will work with up to 5 PPL for FREE right NOW. So hit me up folks.


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