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Jay-Z, Samsung, and 5 million uncounted.

July 7, 2013

Jay-Z, Samsung, and 5 million uncounted.


By now we all know about the quote un-quote epic deal Jay-Z inked with Samsung.

It is a pretty sick I admit though I’m impressed for different reasons I’d wager.

A lot of people are simply jocking Jay-Z and don’t bother to probe the concept. So let’s get in to it.


The deal is quite simple. Its almost like a code from Burger King for a free whopper as long as you have bought something before. Peel the sticker off the cup and redeem at your next trip.

What makes this deal so majestic is that its an app. You have to buy into the whole “needing massive amounts of apps” spiel to begin with. Or you buy into Samsung and Android being the best meld of sciences…

Putzes I say but I’m still using blackberry (sorry but the email push alone makes it worth it).

So everyone in theory is going to hop on and give Samsung more love. Aren’t their televisions dope enough? Their smartphones?




I find it quite comical in a profoundly sad and distasteful way that Jay-Z and Samsung Don’t have the app available in Africa.

Now before I’m labeled a racist or some kind of hate monger let’s look at this for a second. In the error of the uber-rich minority they are all running amuck stepping over each other to help their people, who ever those people may be.

And then the rich and powerful also seem to be investing in Africa as a continent as well. Its innate wealth and resources and ever growing population are all boons to business in myriad ways. But Jay-Z and Samsung are running counter intuitive to the rest of the multinational conglomerates, billionaires, and brain trusts across the globe.

And if we just put all that aside I’d say they are just being pricks. If I have an S4 or S3 and I’m in Africa and I’m denied- shit I’m writing terse letters and calling foul on the play.




Jay-Z does some pretty cool concepts and content from what I’ve taken the time to listen to/read. I like the way he put the content together and how the titles mesh well with the lyrics. Sometimes I hear a song and peep it’s title and I’m like what the H?

So far I have hope for the content and I’m hoping the track order is polished as well.




Internet use and app use is quite a smart move. People aren’t doing what he is in a mainstream sense.

His usage of this media form/type/hype garners enough attention in and of itself to be worth it. Album giveaways became mixtapes a few years ago. Artists who lacked balls did mixtapes. The art form was bastardized for fear. Jay appears to be letting it all hang out in a hope to hype the public- and I think I respect it.



So Jay-Z threw a bitch fit because Soundscan denied this deal as a legit form of 1 million sales. And I concur. He sold 1 million copies to 1 dude (okay one company aka Samsung) who in turn is giving them away to hype their product.

There are no direct sales.

There are no sales to fans.

Should it be counted somewhere? Sure. But not Soundscan.

Where is the proof that 1 individual won’t download 4-12 copies? Oh they have unique identifiers…SHUT UP.


Dude, Jay, Seanie Boy. Settle down. You made 5 million guaranteed.

Your sales were complete before distribution or project completion. We don’t always get what we want in life but dude won for sure.


Jay-Z is an acclaimed artist and a stellar businessman. There is no question of that.

His sales and savvy are incontrovertible facts. However cheating African whining about Soundscan reminds me of my 5 year old niece when she doest get more ice cream. You know the album leaks and illegal downloads were going to decimate sales and this got you Volume II sales so hush.

Bey may care- we don’t.

We just want the music bro.




Hate mail?

Hit me here or @blogheavy on twitter.





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