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I’m In Love (with the DOE)

July 8, 2013


I feel like I’m 16 again. I’m excited. I’m free.
I can touch the sky and the mountains on high. Everything is better, prettier and more beautiful than I remember.

Who do I love?

I’m in love with the education system.

I love it.

I love how the kids are flag we wave to justify any violation and transgression under the sun.

Anything is acceptable if the Mantra is correctly branded (Walcottian SEO?)
We can shaft entire areas and districts as long as we scream the party line. Fire, hire, frame, and cheat- all under the guise of saving the kids.
Heck we might shaft a parent or two as long as long as we achieve a singular agenda made by those who don’t live in these communities, can’t relate to these students, and have zero vested interest in these students.

I love the racism that is pervasive in our educational system.
We scream equality while leadership and pedagogic staff run rampant bending rules and preening altruistic. We have to save the minorities, they don’t know better,  and while we are at it we will hire our own race. Oh, and we will type cast Hispanics to work with Hispanics. Never mind they may not speak the language. Never mind they are American citizens and actually Americans First. No, we will simply place the race where we want them. I guess stereotyping and racism are cool now that Malcolm and Martin got assassinated and most of the Young Lords sold out.
Special shout to Ice Tea for playing a pig now.

I love the nepotism that is doubly pervasive in our educational system. The kids don’t count.

They are pawns on the chessboard. Pawns are expendable to achieve victory (pawns can become queens…FYI).  If a friend needs a favor, or a cousin or a frat bro- hey we hiring and firing. It isn’t important to serve the public- heck no! My bro needs a municipal pension!  I got this (George Lopez voice)! It works. Need the hook up- we got you. Qualifications are for Hessians. We need our people who swing votes our way and snitch on cohorts.
We will create good worker bees by shafting the people!

I love how the food allotment was cut, effectively providing less nourishment at more cost due to bloated supervision and government bureaucrats needs.
Hey they should eat what we say!  We know better. We care, we spend to prove.  Hey just because my wife gets 400,000k to be a boss doesn’t mean slow starvation is bad.
Mal-nourishment feeds the brain.
Ignore the you tube videos of high school kids across the nation singing, rapping, protesting, and speaking about how they are hungry. Hey if its free why do they bitch right?
I mean their families friends and communities pay for the grub- but f that noise bro!

Honestly folks I’m waiting for the honeymoon phase.
Where edu and I are glowing. Nothing could go wrong. I don’t need the Union. I don’t need the standards- those can change with a bit of pushing.
I love those bloated budgets, vendettas, and cues to cheat the populace.
Its so delicious I feel like I’m cheating on education.


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