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Thoughts On the Zimmerman Trayvon Martin Case From @Aceinc25 of

July 27, 2013


Trayvon Martin case was not a black vs white case it was a rich vs poor case.

I also saw people talking about Oj that wasn’t black vs white that was rich vs richer moral of the story this country don’t run on color it runs on money when you have it you can do anything why you think Oj in jail now he broke.

Thoughts folks???

I personally agree with the aforementioned gentleman.
We as a society get caught up in race and religion and other notions of self and forget to examine facts. Where I work people get quite angry with me when I don’t jump with the trends.
I didn’t blindly follow Obama.
I didn’t assume Zimmerman was guilty.
I also found out Zimmerman was Hispanic.

And when we work from the premise of a racial divide to begin with this is a huge factor. A man who is a “half breed” or labeled in some other colorful terminology wouldn’t have been with the “in crowd” of white purists he has been assumed to be a member of.
Has he been called such directly- not exactly. However it seems a vast amount of people heard his last name and just knew who he was. And what his motives agenda and mindset are/were.
Folks I’m sorry but I think economic disparity is our culprit here.
Elusive yet factual, economic wars, aka classism are what move things these days.
The haves versus the have nots.
The rich versus the poor.
It is that simple.
Is racism still around?
It may be with us forever folks.
But racism is for the lower minds.
Those with no grand agenda.
Secure your future. Secure your wealth.
This alone may secure your rights and move things in your favor.
And turning the cogs of change is easier from the top than to fight from the bottom.

You decide your path.


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