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Republicans, (Teamwork, Success)

July 29, 2013

Not sure how this fits in my blog but it struck me.

The way I look at it is this:
Teamwork make the Dream Work.
It is that simple.
When you gather behind an objective, be it ideological fiscal, or whatever the case- every goal is achievable.

So I ask you- Do you have a team?
Everyone needs help. Basic support and mentors. A helping hand and a little guidance go a long way. Maybe your cousin is an SEO guru so he kicks in. And maybe you are a hands on, on point type of guy-
But a good mentor will help you and hold you accountable. And a little accountability goes a long way.

Who is on your team?
If you have a team they need to be on point. Losers, wannabes, free loaders- all are probably around you or looking to get around you. And the chances are that the more you shine, the higher your trajectory becomes, the more the leeches will come out the woodworks.

Your Success in almost every arena depends on teamwork. Now maybe if you are a Chess Grandmaster you could argue it didn’t.
However who taught you?
Who got you there?
Who do you practice with?
Not all 3 may apply but you get the drift.
Teamwork is what makes the dream work to quote the oft used cliche. A good team with a great plan and great leader will make it.
It may take time but it will happen.

Republicans, (Teamwork, Success)


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