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Russia to ban foul language on social networks and discussion boards – English

July 30, 2013

Russia to ban foul language on social networks and discussion boards – English

Now Folks, I do live in America.  Born and raised.  A proud citizen and what have you.  So I come to you with this article more to ask a question or 2.  Now this isn’t Russia, it is America, but when one country makes such a rash decision what will become of our freedoms?  It is scary to me anytime free speech is limited on this globe.  If anything I see a disturbing trend.  Last year we had SOPA and CISPA, both of which would limit the internet and social media/social networks and social media in an effort to stop privacy.  In essence copyrights became the reason to give one person, party, or group a way to limit action and speech on the net.  Now you might feel this is acceptable.  And you are entitled to your opinion.  However let me repeat a conversation I had recently.  A Coworker of mine was saying a parent was bad for naming his son after a war monger.  I posited that a bad naming isn’t cool and is heinous, yet it was not child abuse or negligence.  My coworker countered with yeah but you don’t want skinheads running around saying and doing whatever they want.  My reply was that once we limit the skinhead and KKK’s speech and liberties we are next If one group is not allowed to express their opinions to save someone’s feelings- We are all going to be limited sooner or later my friends.

To round this out for you- it is currently illegal to wear a mask while protesting in Canada.  Yeah, that’s right.  If your boss leans progressive and you are an ultra conservative, you have no right to shield your identity.  Anyone seen what Facebook has done to certain conservative groups?  You are entitled to less and less liberties as time has progressed.  And so I ask who among you thinks I’m nutty?  Who is not worried about their right to protest, freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech?  oh yeah, and don’t forget that beauty the NDAA….


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