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Keeping It Real, keeping It Wrong

July 31, 2013

Keeping It Real Versus keeping It Wrong

So you think you’re Keeping It Real.
Sorry homies, you’re keeping It Wrong.
Life is about progression and staying in your hood to run shit is played. The people who stay to affect change are heroes. They are leaders. They are the future. When you stay because Mom won’t kick you out and you get your weed and kicks around the corner- you’re a loser. The hood doesn’t love you.
But a community that works to build and sustain the young the old, the local businesses and everyone in between- now that is love.
If you love the hood it doesn’t love you back. It hates you. It is seething with rage at your every success no matter how small. And laughing at every blunder or misstep- and probably sharing it on Worldstar.

Aim to be excellent.
Give back.
And grow up folks. We are the masters of our destiny.
So don’t stay in the hood. Evolve and take the community with you.


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