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Real Hip Hop: Select Canibus Verses, Lines

September 1, 2013

“Superhuman rap, you wack, you face my executioner’s axe.
My utility belts stack with Pro Tools and tracks…”

“Androids dream of electric sheep , while all phone communications intercepted by the beast.”

“99 percent of my fans aint nothin but scumbag, scumbuckers, blood suckin, cock fuckers. My lyrics too advanced for the avg block hustler.”

“90% of the shit that rappers kick is subject matter less. Not original but blasphemous, just a bunch of the same characters…”

“It’s hard to stay motivated, I’m broken in so many places. I was chasing a dry oasis till I found something amazing in the adjacent matrix. I’ve been anticipating and waiting with a slaves patience!”

“I’m the walking, talking Stephen Hawking.
DNA genes were auctioned for genius offspring…”

“Sneak-attack rappers, grab them and slash them. Chop their heads off with claws sharper than Velociraptors…”

“The super duper uber music conductor producer from the future. Stuff tubas with gunpowder to improvise bazookas…”

“Drain your carcass dry, rip out your heart bitch! I write rhymes using your blood for my ink cartridges…”

“I prescribe some neo gothic anti-biotics,
words concocted from the lyrical lock smith. Deadly as 10 droplets of Ricin toxin…”

“My lyrical inertia rips holes through the fabric of Universes. With rhymes three times the density of what the Earth is…”

“You goin to war with savages, niggas who ain’t having it! A million Africans scalpin you faggot nigga’s cabbages…”

“Lyrics unravel faster than bullets travel through barrels. Niggas be digging my styles like fossils and pterodactyls…”

“In my past life I slayed hundreds, and in the life before that I played trumpets to warn you that I was coming…”

“Biblical menace that’s searching for the meaning that’s hidden. I rap for rippers, rip it for the lyrically privileged…”

“So exercise caution, I shatter jaws like porcelain. Mess around and get your life span shortened…”

“I’m the illest lyricist in America… MC’s can’t see me cause I’m too quick for the human retina to register…”

“Independently targeted, bombin shit
from so high up in da atmosphere, you lose consciousness. No oxygen, only Canibus anti-oxidants”

“I’m a dragon with the head of a lion, jaws be like saws grindin, claws rip through walls of cast iron…”

“Canibus is unequivocally, the illest killing machine in the industry for the twentieth-century…”

“When it comes to lyrics I’m the living Bruce Lee in action. Counter psychological measures reduce the pressure, WHO’S BETTER? That motherfucker?…NEVER”

“I’m mentally unstable. All of my lyrics are fatal. Because I eat my dinner on a periodic table…”

Wut if I persuaded some bitches to reproduce wit me & create a whole crew of me? Only those that are as cruel as me can rule wit me #Canibus

“I rip shit consistent, spit persistent. The sickness, spit with conviction, promote lyrical fitness…”

“I been gettin busy b4 the planets started to turn. B4 the bees, the birds, and Adam n Eve occured. Prior to all creation, in other words”

“You diss me out of pride but when you finished talkin bout money and bitches you’re simply out of rhymes. Even my worst album was sublime.”

“In the end I hope God is impressed if I’m put to rest. I did wut I came to do, no time left. Say my name out the blue cuz I rhyme the best”

“I’m a first class spitter, the literal literature ripper. Painting pictures for intelligent listeners, from any & all dispositions”

“Debonair, cavalier, caravaneer with a calculating stare. I stare because doubt is there…”

“If u remove every living animal out of the sea then wouldnt the world’s ocean water level decrease? This means the planet wasn’t 3/4 water”

“One of my integral attributes is to be lyrically tactful. I can prove who’s nice & who’s not an MC through falsifiable scientific hypothesis”

“Those able to speak what I spoke, repeat my quotes. My systematic treatment approach, be deep in they throats…”

“I rearrange your rib cage like a twelve gauge at close range and change the position of your brain…”

“Beef w. Bis is like playin chess w/out the pieces. Modern Christians w/out Jesus, rastas w/out Reefer. Jamaicans in Princeton w/out Visa’s”

“Lyrically, I’m bananas. My tongue moves like Hindu belly-dancers performing tantra. I blur ur vision like slow shutter speeds on a camera!”

“I speak to the people in the form of an eagle on top of the Theves Cathedral with boundless knowledge, like hairless dalai’lamas.”

“I verbally burn a nigga. Lyrically hurt a nigga. Put a voodoo verse on a nigga, Kennedy curse a nigga!!”

“The goddamn truth is this ain’t nothing to dance to. My lyrics lynch you, give you something to hang to…”

“A wise man sees failure as progress.
A fool divorces his knowledge and misses the logic and loses his soul in the process…”

“See I deliver lyrical blows to pose a potential threat to any emcees I’ve ever met, or will meet. I can’t be defeated and beat…”

“My brain races to create these lyrical mosaics, like paintings. To me, record stores and art galleries are merely the same thing.”

“You don’t have enough wisdom. The man who gives quicksand resistance sinks the quickest, it’s simple physics…”

I meditate, slightly awake, moon rays interpermeate my physical state, I gaze into space. The light waves race & shift shape, colors escape.”

“Salvation without authentication, false pagans bought lawmakers to orchestrate how the law changes…”

“My life is my sentence, so I live it. But I studied the physics and understand it, so it’s only a visit…”

“Let me remind you, records like “Beasts from the East” prove that I crucify you if I ever get to rap behind you…” #Canibus


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