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Hip Hop T-shirt, Kanye West, and Fools Gold

October 7, 2013

Now I love entrepreneurial spirit.
I encourage every man and woman to make that MONEY!

There is always a way to get paid.
If you are willing you will find it.
That being said this is some tomfoolery.
A $125 white tee.

Yup that’s the real price folks.
And I know it sold out so the demand exceeded the supply so obviously the market dictated Kanye do this foolishness.
Kanye West and APC essentially partnered on re-releasing the classic white tee for the price of a pair of 90 aimax.
It is “egyptian” cotton and has an airbrushed logo in the back inside collar…

Now I assume this is fashion forward. I my friends am not. I go for comfort. I spend my loot on investments and gym supplements.
Okay, and Remi Martin in that beautiful green bottle lol. Sue me, if that’s contradictory.
Heck I let this article mildew in draft form because I just don’t sweat Kanye like that.
I do like some of his tracks but the women’s clothes and asshole behavior are a turn off. He is merely a grown up child throwing tantrums and expecting expensive toys.

I’ll stop the rant folks.
Suffice it to say that this is truly Fools Gold.. If you like it, buy it.
If you concur shout me a holla.


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