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Columbus the Devil, Wealth creation, and Your Growth

October 15, 2013

In honor of this race destroying, genocidal,over reaching, devil I bring you a sad but factual business lesson.

Columbus knew who to ask and how to ask- Do You?

When Columbus needed sponsorship he went after it. Rich people, the Queen, he didn’t care. He sought out those who could procure him the funding.
If you need a hook up do you go to your cousin or craigslist? See the difference?
How about this. When you need an angel investor you go to the guys with the capital, not your 5th grade piano teacher.
Also people in a position to get things done generally got there by being able to see the picture- or they’re filthy rich.
In either case they have the keys to the kingdom. Small minds and small pockets. don’t help you much when your pursuits are lofty and innovative.
Okay Kickstarter is a lot of small pockets united but then you still need a crafty presentation and a hook. So it works out the same in my humble opinion.

More important than who is the How. More is achieved by how one asks than what one asks for.
Presentation is everything.
You can’t beg. You can’t order people to give you what you so desperately need.
Columbus made grand demands when courting the Queens aide. He did not demand resources but spoke matter of factly (spelling?) and played to her ego.
He spoke of what was too be gained and the vast advantages to the kingdom and the King and Queen.
He also asked for audacious allotments. He wanted to be named the admiral of all seas for all time.
He also asked that a percentage of all wealth created and or found from this venture be willed to his family for all generations in perpetuity.
There were more requests that we won’t get into. But be aware that the audacity of his Asks were a defining factor in the queens decision.
A man who was so insistent on being not only taken seriously, but being indulged created his own credibility.

And so on this sick holiday I ask that you learn from a devil, don’t be one.


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