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Still Backing Barneys? F J Dash Z

November 2, 2013

Now I was in a time warp today.
I used only wifi on my blackberry to keep out everyone except those foolish enough to email me.
And it worked. Only business communique came through so I was able to relax and be productive at the same time.

And so as I sit back with a glass of wine I’ve decided to throw Sean Carter under the bus just a bit.

You see as a hip hop fan, man of color, and business man I’m disappointed with the man, the myth, the fool- Jay-Z (and yes I’m keeping the dash in the name- Jay don’t pay my rent)..

The foolishness surrounding his decision or lack thereof with regards to withdrawing his support and products from Barneys is distasteful to say the least.

From a business perspective I see he wants to protect what he is building. The lack of a direct cash payout on this initial Barney’s collection is irrelevant. The branding and making himself synonymous with higher end stores and not the Dr. Jays and Jimmy Jazz spots is tremendously valuable.
All future deals of similar or greater magnitude are predicated on this one.

Now as a man of color I find him to be quite the dickhead.
Saying he will wait for facts is madness.
Now it seems cops and not Barneys may be the culprit here but to not take a stand and make these events part of a national platform that will educate and protect those who need it most is ridiculous.

Mr. Carter you Disgust Us.
The system is flawed if not broken and you have quite the soapbox to spit soliloquies of growth and unification. But you choose the division of your Maybach Partition.

Enjoy the loot.
You’ve lost the respect.


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