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Kanye, the Fake Ol’ Dirty Bastard

November 11, 2013

Famous for his beats as much as his tantrums- I’ve decided to give Kanye West his 5 minutes of fame on my blog.
Hell who am I kidding. I tear ole’ square jaw up all the time (see my tumblrs).

I’m using today’s post to remind everyone: Mr. West is nothing more than an Incompetent Fraud.
Why you ask?

Simple: His Tantrums on stage at award shows are nothing more than contrived, tacky, cheap knock offs of when Ol’ Dirty Bastard ran up on the awards and snatched the mic from BIG.
Kanye has twice ran on stage and practically mauled fellow stars to voice contempt at having not got his just do.

And yeah Dirty did something similar, but he did it with class.
The entire Wu showed up dressed to the nines. Suits, dress coats, italian leather shoes. And what dirty said wasn’t a rant but a cohesive rationale for why he felt cheated.

Kanye runs up like a monster, duplicating
Only the interruption, and acts like an angry toddler- I guess you can’t teach class.
And to top Dirty the idiot does it twice!

Lastly, everyone thought his ‘Bush don’t care about black people…’ Rant was foolish. It wasn’t 100% factual based on who lost I’d wager. And if it was I wonder if he looked at numbers or whatever mainstream media told him? Smh, I’d bet he just wanted attention.

Am I the only one tired of this guy trying to get away with doing whatever he wants?

Am I the only one tired of the childish rants and the extreme hunger for attention?

Someone tell me you are tired of his excess?

Wu-tang is rap. Kanye is nothing more that the demented, bastardized love child of media hype, marketing, advertising and low self esteem.

Holla at me if you love real rap.
For now I’m taking my disgust to the gym to hit weights and be more.


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