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Artist Spotlight: Young G Da King

February 26, 2014

So I’ve known this artist Young G Da King for 2 years now and I appreciate his hustle and his mindset.

Now we chatted on and off and I’ve followed his career with avid interest.  However, his newest track is probably my favorite of his.  We will get to that in a minute.

Peep the interview we did and get to know the artist, not just his hits.K.I.N.G.


>For my Readers, share your pedigree-

> Name (stage name), age, where from, etc?

> My name is Angelo K.i.n.g. I just turned 24 years old. I’m speaking to you from Edmonton, Alberta. But I’ve lived all through out eastern Canada including Toronto, Montreal and ST. Catherine.

>That’s whats up- Where do you work out of?

> I work out of Edmonton, but soon relocating to Los Angeles, my favorite place in the world.

> When did you start your music career?

> I started doing music when I was in my teens and recently started taking it more seriously.

> Who does your production?
> I work with different producers in or out side of my city. I get beats from all over. From my city to the USA  to Ukraine. I don’t have anybody specific. I enjoy working with different people. If your production is dope…lets work. Lets make hits.

> When is your next tour?king2

> I hope to really start doing shows down south in the U.S. I hope New York and L.A really embraces my music. I’ve done enough shows in my city its time to take my talents else where, ala Lebron James. But you can see all my up coming shows on my Reverbnation account and follow me @YoungGdaking. I’ve opened for everybody from T-Pain to Tyga to French Montana, Waka Flocka, Juicy J… you name it.

> Who is your favorite Lyricist?

> My favorite lyricist and don’t hate me for this is… Lil Wayne. He’s my favorite rapper period. I grew up on Cash Money records. Birdman, Hot Boys all that. But I mess with a few other rappers’ music such as UGK, Jay-Z, The Game, T.I are among my top rappers and a bit of Kanye and shout out Lil Durk.

> Who is your favorite R&B artist?

> The Weekend.

> Favorite Producer?
Timbaland, hands down.  I also like T-minus (Canada).

> What if any instruments do you play?

I don’t play any instruments. I rap into a microphone lol . I do a little bit of singing. I used to play the saxophone and a bit of acoustic guitar but I’m not any good at that.
> So you do play! I’ve seen a lot of good artists have experience with an instrument or two, that’s wassup.
> Left or right handed?
>Right handed.

> What is your take on the infamous 360 deals?

> I don’t think 360 deals are good for the artist.  I wouldn’t want a label having their hand in every aspect of my art that I put my blood, sweat and tears into.

>I concur 300%!!!!
> What is your take on the state of Hip Hop in 2014?

> Hip Hop is evolving. Its not dead, its very much alive. It just moved to the south. Atlanta mostly. Hip hop in 2014 is wonderful. I’m enthralled by hip hop in 2014. People are making music that’s true to them and their surroundings, especially the south. A lot of people might disagree with me but a lot of this new music coming out is feel-good music. That, in my opinion is what people really want to hear. Not encyclopedia music. No offense to the under ground hip-hop fans.

> Biggie or Pac?
> Tupac.
> Dream collabo?
> Lil Wayne and Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers…yep.
I’d like to collaborate with all my favorite artists of course but those are my top two.
> Besides your Music Career what else are you currently pursuing?

> I want to have different businesses. Restaurants, clothing, movies but mostly entertainment. I really want to make my mark in entertainment period, not only Rap and R&B. My focus at the moment is my music.

> What’s your process?
> I hear a beat I like. The beat speaks to me. I sit down and write what the beat tells me to write then I go to the studio , record, then shoot a music video. Usually involves women.

> What are your short term musical plans?

> To establish myself independently, which I’m in the midst of- and then move on to bigger and better things.

> What are your long term plans?

> To be the C.E.O. of my own record label.

> Where can my readers find you online?KING3

Twitter @YoungGDaking

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