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Round 2 with Hip Hop Artist Angelo

April 23, 2014

So I’m back with one of my favourite new artists,Angelo @YoungGDaKing and we sat for a quick interview/recap.
-In the last few months what have you been up to?

What’s up ? I’ve been working hard on my music and remaining focused despite all the b.s going on in life  and 
planning my move to L.A as well as getting ready for my EP which is going to be insane and unlike any thing you’ve heard 
in  music. I’m trying to push buttons, envelopes etc. , touch people with this one and leave every one with an opinion. good or bad.
-So you shot a new video, who directed it?
A guy that goes by the name of Stress made it all happen. Record and Film.
He’s one of the best if not the best in the city. Look forward to working with him again.
-Where was it shot?
The video was shot in a nice condo on the north side of the city. Was not sure where we were going to film at first 
but we found a nice spot.
-Who is your female co-star?
She’s a young lady that I met through a friend of mine.
-When will you be in the states?
I will be down there this summer. Start out in California,which I love, and go from there and work with the connects 
that I’ve made, such as your self in New York, and let it all take off and conquer. Keep giving a hundred percent as long as I’m breathing.

-How do you structure your songs?
I used to write three verses but now a days I only do two. I believe the shorter and more direct a song is, the better 
chances are of it connecting with your audience. I try to talk about real life and experiences that people can relate to.
For example my song Angela Tonali is about appreciating a good woman because I noticed all the ”bad bitches” get all the attention
so its about time some one sheds light on the good women that work hard for a living and aren’t twerking on world star.

-What are you about as a person and as an artist?
I’m almost an open book. I give myself and my life to people who can relate. I’m a young  guy that’s going through life
and making the most of it, experiencing different life lessons, different relationships, different women, experiencing loss, fraudulent people , love , hate etc. going through it and learning each and every step of the way while having as fun as I possibly can along the way and partying my guts out. I’m all about not fitting in and being different and standing out. As a kid I always wanted to fit in but now I’m the complete opposite. I believe life’s about standing out and being your own person. I try to demonstrate all of that through my music. What ever every body is doing, I will go out of my way to do the exact opposite.

-What is your passion besides music?
Traveling is my passion I love it , even though I haven’t done too much of it yet. Combine that with music and I’m set. 

-Where was your most memorable trip?
Las Vegas. Sleeping at 5am and waking up at 9am every day. Doing nothing but shopping and partying every day and 
enjoying how beautiful Vegas is and meeting some of the nicest people I’ve ever met .

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