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Sad Truth

August 10, 2014

Sadly this is exactly how it works.
Everyone expecting this bastion of honesty and high moral ground from those who bring us the news- false.
In this world the media is practically a fourth branch of government (hat tip to Immortal Technique). The only option you have is to vet your sources and fact check.
Don’t drink the Kool aid, be a grown up. Knowledge is power and as such keeping you ignorant consolidates the power of those who want you mentally asleep.
And you don’t need a conspiracy theory or wack job scenario to believe me.
Power is Power.
Money is Money.
And people will do anything to have more. That’s a fact for the majority of the populous.
No secret Cabal- just plain old greed, vanity, and fear.

Make your own choices.
Find your own facts.

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