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Artist Spolight: KID TRUTH

August 31, 2014


Today I had a dope interview with a fresh new artist.  I say new because he is young and new to me, but he is well versed in the hunger and determination to grind all day and rhyme all night.

Blogheavy: Kid Truth, tell me where are you from?

Kid Truth: Houston Texas.

Blogheavy: How long yo been rapping?

Kid Truth: 5 years.

Blogheavy: Word?

Kid Truth: Well I was in a group and it didn’t work as planned so I went separate.

Blogheavy: And since?

Kid Truth: 2 years hardbody.

Blogheavy: Who inspired you artist wise?

Kid Truth: Eminem, Luda, Nelly, last two are  A toss up.

Blogheavy: Interesting. – Who are your top 3 rappers?

Kid Truth:

1)Lupe Fiasco

2)Big Sean

3)Eminem.  All three/3 mostly because they went against the grain.  The did them.

Blogheavy: Gimme 3 more- This line up is odd for my readers lol.

Kid Truth: Pac, Nas, Bis.

Blogheavy: If you could take only one album with you on an island- what would you take?

Kid Truth: The Marshall Mathers LP.

Blogheavy: Left or right handed?

Kid Truth: I’m right handed.

Blogheavy: Sorry as a lefty I’m biased.

Kid Truth: Not a problem.

Blogheavy: Off topic- fave Jordans?

Kid Truth: Either the 11s or the 5s.

Blogheavy: So how do you feel about about Drake’s claim that he is the new NAs/Jay-z etc etc?

Kid Truth: His current success is what it is.

Blogheavy: Is he top 5?

Kid Truth: Yes- but only for now.

Heavyweight: Who else you working with?

Kid Truth: Castro and DJ Massive.

Blogheavy: Are you a rapper or a lyricist?

Kid Truth: A lyricist mist def.

Blogheavy:  What phone you use?

Kid Truth: Iphone.

Blogheavy: Name a seriously sick rapper for me?

Kid Truth: Immortal Technique.

Blogheavy: Lastly, what would you do with your first million?

Kid Truth: Invest it.

Blogheavy: Dope answer- glad you aint say Bugatti.


Blogheavy: Where can my readers find you?

Snapchat – KidTruthMusic
Kik – Kid




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