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Interview with Hip Hop Artist Mr. Mann, aka Rodney Mann II

September 1, 2014

10296897_10152472641311468_124613811957564694_n-2SO the other day I had a sick interview with an up and coming lyricist.  From the first few questions I knew this interview and this artist would be different.  It is actually why I started with a picture of Mr. Man at his graduation- the man has a BA and a Masters.  So let us Salute a lyrical artist who also got his “education” and was pretty damn cool.

Blogheavy: I ask every person I interview- left or right handed?

Mr. Mann: Right handed.

Blogheavy: INTERVIEW OVer! Kidding.

Mr. Mann: 😉

Blogheavy: Where are you from?

Mr. Mann: Brooklyn.

Blogheavy: How did you get into Rapping?

Mr. Mann: I had always done poetry and spoken word and it naturally progressed to rapping.

Blogheavy: That is dope, it is the same for me, however I choose not to rap.  So who is your favorite rapper?

Mr. Mann: Jay-Z.

Blogheavy: Favorite Lyricist?

Mr. Mann: Eminem.

Blogheavy: Interesting difference- Might I ask why?

Mr. Mann: He is unorthodox.That is what I dig the most.

Blogheavy: What do you do for income?

Mr. Mann: Food service industry- Great cash-flow and it’s flexible.

Blogheavy: What did you get your degrees in?

Mr. Mann: I did my bachelors in business administration and finance. My masters is in investor relations

Blogheavy: What made you pick Fordham U?

Mr. Mann: Initially I had a football scholarships but their edu is exceptional.

Blogheavy: So rap and not the NFL?

Mr. Mann: A change was required and I switched up. Dance team and rap. I had the lead and directed a couple plays actually.

Blogheavy: So you always aimed to exceed?

Mr. Mann: Always- I loved math so I majored in it via business admin and finance.  I aim to succeed at anything i put my mind to.

Blogheavy: Let me backtrack- why not segway into acting?  Also would you do so later in your career?

Mr. Mann: Anything- and everything I do I have to make history in.  I need to make history in rap first, and after that the rest will fall into place.

Blogheavy: SO you aim on being a lyricist or French Montana?  I insult him to draw attention to his recent rant that all the   LYRICAL RAPPERS HE KNOWS ARE BROKE….

Mr. Mann: Naw I am a lyricist first.  Lyricism will return  It just needs a leader. Slaughterhouse/Crooked I can do so. 

Blogheavy: Who is a favorite old school artist?              Dress Up lol

Mr. Mann: Slick RIck.  He is an amazing storyteller. 

Blogheavy: So lyricism, not hooks?

Mr. Mann: Depends-

Blogheavy: Like Fabulous with I miss my love?

Mr. Mann: Yupp.

Blogheavy: If you could only take 1 album on  deserted album… only oe disc, no double album cheating…

Mr. Mann: Usher, Confessions. No- Michael Jackson Greatest hits. 

Blogheavy: Hobbies?

Mr. Mann: I watch family guy, american dad, Martin, and the Fresh Prince of Bel air like its ritual lol. But I love football and I still Dance on teams. I’m also a movie buff.

Blogheavy:  Fave movies?

Mr. Mann: Friday and the 5th Element.

Blogheavy: What would you do with your first million?

Mr. Mann: Student loans and put something in the stash for my mom dad sister and aunt…a little somethin somethin for me on the side too lol.

Blogheavy: Dope answer. A lot of rappers say a Bentley….

Mr. Mann: Naw.

Blogheavy: Anything else you’d like to add?

Mr. Mann: Lastly just let em know my lp BOY 2 A MANN will be out the end of this year. Look out for a video from me each month for the rest of the 2014 and the newest video BANGER will be out in a month. 


See his new video asap:

Here is my soundcloud:
Here is my Facebook:
Here is my twitter: @MrMannII (those are 2 i’s by the way)
Here is my June 2014 unsigned artist of the month article for Starcentral Magazine link:

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