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Meet Scott King (you knew him as Q the Kid)

September 2, 2014

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Genesis, the new beginning. Not exactly.

Recently a good friend got me an interview with Scott King.  Now I had heard of Q the Kid, sort of.  And to be honest I did YouTube him again to hear a bit of what I was walking in to.  I dug the lyrics and figured this was going to be another dope opportunity- and it was.

Blogheavy: Scott what’s good? First q of the day- Left or right handed?

Scott King: Righty.

Blogheavy: WHat phone you got? Sorry I’m  Blackberry snob.

Scott King: S4.

Blogheavy: Where you from?

Scott King: Brooklyn/Atl.

Blogheavy: Before I go on with my litany of questions- Let’s get into the name change.  My readers and I’m sure much of the hip hop community is intrigued.

Scott King: Initially I came on the scene as Qthe Kid and got signed to Jermaine Dupree/SoSoDef.  Then there was a deal through tag records in a new joint venture he had with TAG.  I was signed from 2008-2012.  There was a communication issue at the top and eventually I left.

Not long after that I decided to become Scott King.  Scott is the matriarchal name of my grandma and she was always the one who inspired and pushed me to move forward with my music. So I became Scott King- Scott is King.

Blogheavy: That is some ish.  So tel me your thoughts on French Montana’s comment that lyrical rappers are broke.

Scott King: I think hip hop has gone off the rails.  A lot of commercial rap is making money but Lyricism isn’t gone.

Blogheavy: Name your top 5.

Scott King: 1-BIG 2-Jay-Z, 3-Nas, 4-Jada, 5-Big Daddy Kane.

Blogheavy: And if we do only living rappers- no Biggie?scott (415 of 485)

Scott King: Rakim.

Blogheavy: When did you start rapping?

Scott King: I started at 11 years old.

Blogheavy: What would you do with your first million?

Scott King: Get my mom out the hood. The rest for my daughter, life insurance etc. Plan right.

Blogheavy: That is admirable.  A lot of rappers want the Bentley and couture asap.

Blogheavy: Where can my readers find you online?

Scott King:




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