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Interview Round 2 With Young G Da King- and A new EP

October 27, 2014


-So it’s been a while, tell the fans what you been up to:
It’s been a bit. I’ve been putting in a lot of work. I recently released my mixtape The Days of The Phoenix which is available
on itunes for the low so go and get it. Also available on and to download.
It was supposed to be an E.P but one and only one of the instrumentals on there isn’t mine.
After the release of my mixtape I went down to California and promoted the hell out of it. I’ve been working hard and promoting it like my life depended on it. Which I believe it does. My happiness in life at least. I’m now working on the Days Of The Phoenix 2 and planning a tour as well as a major surprise feature. Also been working on my own imprint my own movement called Glorious Ent. Been investing a lot in it. Gotta pay the cost to be the boss. Slowly developing the brand with a close friend of mine I met in high school. So look out for Glorious Entertainment.

-I see the utube is poppin- who filmed your last 2 vids?
Ha ha. Poppin or not. I’m just working. Youtube giving me a hard time with my page for what ever reason.
But the fans are increasing in numbers, i’m just giving them my self and every day I see some one new connect with my music.
Still have a long way to go but I appreciate every person that likes what I do and supports it. My camera man is the same dude that records me. Shout out to him. He cares about making my videos the best they can be.

-What was your motivation for the same 2 songs/vids? Not visually but the rhymes?
I’m motivated by life it self. Events that occur. Also by women. We would not be here with out them so they are definitely
influential and instrumental in my music.
Angela Tonali was inspired by the good women in society that have more self respect then the ones showing their ass and tits on instagram for attention , but don’t get recognized for any thing because they’re not dime pieces.  That’s my way of saying thank you to those women such as a certain hard working  woman I was recently with.
Messin with souless women was inspired by a heart break I endured a few years ago. The person shall remain nameless but shouts to her for the inspiration to make a great song ha ha she probably salty about it now but I don’t care.

-So I hear the EP is on itunes- what’s the link and tell us about it.
Just go to look up The Days Of The Phoenix and you’ll see my picture. Click and download that ! Aint nothin to it but to do it!
How many tracks?
6 + an outro
Life has its ups and downs just like the creature, the Phoenix dies and rises out of the ashes. The days when every thing is going well and you have true bliss and happiness in your life those are what I like to call the days of the phoenix.
Its also an homage to my favorite punk rock band AFI. They have a song titled The Days Of The Phoenix which is my favorite song of theirs. I’ve been a fan of punk rock for years.



Who did your beats?
My producer Stress. Shouts to him.

Who mixed it down?
Give us the nitty gritty?
The best in town. Same guy. Also a friend of mine named Ben he’s an up and coming producer he’s the
one that took the sample from Yeezus album and looped it for me and we created Messin With Souless Women. Shout out to Ben.
Still waiting on more of his beats.

-For my readers who are aspiring rappers- what is your process?
I hear an instrumental that really speaks to me and I write lyrics to it. Simple as that. The beat tells me what to write.
Then I go to the studio, having rehearsed of course and lay down a song in about 15 minutes at the most. I don’t waste any body’s time in the studio. I arrive prepared. I do 3 verses in about 15 minutes. No lie. I can record 3 songs in under an hour if I want. Not to brag but I just take it that seriously. I’m some times inspired by the environment im in. For instance when I wrote Purple Swag I was in the strip club and my drink was half empty so I started mumbling to my self ”put that drank in my cup” with a melody and wrote that in my phone so I wouldn’t forget and that’s how the lyrics came about.

-What is your take on the state of Hip Hop 2014?
It’s exactly where its supposed to be. You got underrated geniuses like Kevin Gates making major moves and really giving us real rap music. You got Young Jeezy going back to his motivational roots like he did in thug motivation 101 with his new album, Seen It All. You have Kanye West with one of his best albums to date, YEEZUS. A lot of people will disagree but Yeezus is what we need. We need diversity we need some one who’s not going to be afraid of pushing boundaries. I love that. That’s what I strive to do.

-Do you think Hip Hop is dying?
Not at all. Old school hip hop is dead yes. It made way for what we have today. If hip hop was the same as it was in 1996…that shit would be boring. Its new its exiting. Why does it have to be dead just because not all of it is conscious? People want to FEEL some thing want to be inspired and motivated. That’s what hip hop today is giving us. Hip Hop is very much alive. The only thing I think is wrong with hip hop today is Nicki Minaj. That’s it. Missy Elliot need to come back.

-Is lyricism a lost art form?
Not really Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bad ass, black hippie t.d.e all those guys are still keeping lyrics alive. Free Gucci Mane

‎-Do you think World Starr is hype and trash or useful for up n coming rappers/entertainers?
Hype and Trash. But very much entertaining. World Star in my opinion is more destructive to artists trying to make some thing of them selves. The people on there are hella ignorant but funny as hell at the same time. Don’t rely on wshh. Just grind. I like it for its entertainment and vine comps. Those are my favorite.
-‎Nas just had his 20th anniversary for Illmatic- do you feel it is a true classic?
Is it timeless?
I’ll be one hundred percent honest with you. I never been a fan of Nas. He’s definitely amazing at what he does but I’ve never been into his music. I like a couple songs like Ether and made you look. And I know hip hop heads are gonna hate on me for this but that’s not my thing. I’d be a damn liar if I told you I thought any Nas album is a classic. A liar.

– Thoughts on Busta and now Tyga wanting off of Ymcmb etc?.

Holla the squeeze
Ha Ha . YMCMB seems like they do not pay their artists so its no surprise. There’s been a history of that for instance. B.G, juvenile, Turk, Mannie Fresh. list goes on. I respect Birdman and Wayne for every thing they’ve built from the ground up but like I said some thing seems off. Tyga I can understand. The guy has an incredible grind. He’s built his own empire with out funding from YMCMB. He said that him self in an interview. So it’s understandable he wants to branch off and do his own thing. I drove by his store in Beveryly Hills , Last Kings, this past august. The guy is on his grind. He built his own empire and I’ve seen him live too. Not a big fan but I respect his hustle. As for Bussa Buss…I don’t know… probably same issues.

-‎Where can my readers find you?
Online et al…

Facebook Fan page Official: Angelo

I gotta say thank you for this interview and for believing in me as an artist. Your blog is the first one to put me on when all others shut the door on me. So to all blogs that closed the door on me I want to say kiss my ass. To BlogHeavy I want to say thank you so much. Also thank you to Raquel Sweets she put me on as well when others wouldn’t.



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