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Producers VS Beatmakers

April 20, 2015

Wendy Day

By, Wendy Day (

Producers And BeatMakers
By, Wendy Day (

Over the past ten years, the price of equipment to make beats has come way down. In addition, the ability to upload production to the internet and circulate music quickly, easily, and cheaply has made the amount of producers and beatmakers soar in the urban music industry. And if you also factor in that EVERYONE thinks they have the perfect ear for music and knows exactly what is missing from the current music industry, you get precisely what we have today in the music industry: a glut of producers.

Producers, like rappers, have exploded onto the urban music landscape in droves. Hundreds of thousands of artists have set up web pages, social media pages, pages on beat selling websites, etc– attempting to sell their music, influence the industry, and take their shot at fame and success. What we have…

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