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An Overnight Success

January 29, 2016

Damned good read.

Wendy Day

Adapted from an email I received today:

This past weekend in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) Irishman Conor McGregor defeated champion Jose Aldo…in 13 seconds. The fastest championship KO in the history of UFC.

You might love ultimate fighting. You might hate it. You might know nothing about it. But, there is a super important lesson here that has to do with your success.

With the win, it is estimated that McGregor will earn 100 million dollars between fights, endorsements, etc. Some folks online have called him “an overnight success” or have said things like “13 seconds and he gets 100 million dollars? RIDICULOUS!”

But if you dive deeper, as you can probably guess, there is more to the story.

Here is an excerpt pasted on Facebook from a guy named Ryan Wallace (I have no clue who he is but this is gold):

“I’ve seen several articles today floating…

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