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Diced Pineapples And Watered Down Hip Hop

January 13, 2013

I was walking to the store and I had my headphones in- I can’t move damn near without hip hop- and I realized something: rap is damn near dead. Hell, Hip Hop in general. and mad people been said that- I know, trust. However the same people push the newest fad if it works. And as a hip hop aficionado and lyricist I find that distasteful and disheartening.

-So let’s begin with what started me on this rant.
Diced Pineapples.
Sorry folks. The beat is smooth but this track aims to strike out and reach all markets through poor mismatch of ingredients.
To start with the fake spoken word is abysmal. It doesn’t rhyme or even flow with any sense of congruence with the beat. Its a poor requiem masquerading as rap/spoken word. It makes little sense and sounds like a lot of bs. The verses and croonings to follow are trash. Cheap ploys for sex and offerings of great gifts to get her to do his sexual bidding. Really? Come on folks. Ricky boy was a corrections officer- good job, honorable profession- but when DJ Vlad outed him he had his posse beat him viciously. A detached retina is the reward for dropping facts? Wow. Thank God he wasn’t lying. Oddly enough this same false demagogue now is canceling tours when real gangsters threaten his well being along a specific tour route. Is this what is worshiped and idolized? I’m disgusted. This guy plays dress up like Ru-paul and we set him on a pedestal?
Folks the song is half trash to begin with! Let’s wake up and salute real rap!
This convoluted mismatch of concepts- both the song and Rick Ross- are not worthy of hip hop!
See Big Pun, Canibus, Shyne, Rakim, Kool G rap, Ras Kass, Chino Xl, Gza, Rza, Inspectah Deck, OGC, Young Tripp, Solomon Starr, Guru, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Nas, Jay-Z, Big L, Black Thought, Biggie Smalls, Eminem, Joe Buddens, Mobb Deep,
LL Cool J... The list goes on but you see my point.

-Let’s deal with the obvious.
Rap died when we went to producers for heat. Sorry folks but it’s real. Rap is about lyrics and then beats. Premier knew Guru was the Lynch pin. He needed him. And together they became a seamless almost invincible personification of hip hop known as Gangstarr. Indeed their longevity alone speaks to the true breath of hip hop and its need for real lyricism.
Sorry folks but when the beat became the focus we lost bars. We went to two verses and a hook. Are you kidding me? That’s ridiculous. I bought rap and mixtapes to hear how dudes rapped over the beats. Not to hear the beats.
And when we set producers on a pedestal we forgot the symbiotic nature of true hip hop. Its a team sport.
I remember my boy wanted a Premo beat (DJ Premier) and he was like it all gotta be perfect. When I asked why he said Premo will def sell me a beat but he hands out his trash to anyone (not that he puts out trash but like good cognac the finest is reserved). But his classics go to those HE respects.
Case Closed. Even the best of the best want the same. It isn’t about filling sixteen’s- its about speaking to the soul. Reaching fans on a level that is subconscious. When they remember you for decades its better than cash. Look at Nas’ Illmatic. By most accounts the best album or top 5 ever. I count it his second best but that is neither here nor there. I’m a fan of It Was Written. Point being that some artists are timeless. But for every 10 of them there is only one producer.

I’m tired of this. Aren’t all of you? Same themes- over and over. How long can we objectify women and applaud drug dealers and hustlers? So Thurgood Marshall, Malcolm X, Guru, and LL Cool J are nobody’s right? Okay. Sure. Look at those who fought to get us where we are at in all of freedoms forms and tell me you like hip hop now…

Content is beaten by marketing.
No one in the industry cares about lyrics. Its all about marketing. So a movement from us by us( fubu but not quite?) Is worthless right…
Honestly, aren’t you tired of hearing misogynistic and materialistic lyrics over and over?
What happened to clever rhymes?
Witty metaphors and superior punchlines?
I guess if we don’t ask they won’t sell it…

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