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Better Definition of Racism

July 18, 2013


The racist is the one who doesn’t consider another race equal.

Who does that?
Who expects less from one race?
Now who truly treats everyone equally?

I’d say this form and or definition of racism is perhaps the most tangible and far reaching in America today.

While some people hate for trivial reasons, social conditioning, or insecurity-
I find myself running into more and more people who just think certain races/groups/et al can’t do more.

Or they are just perpetual victims.

Or they can’t do better without a lil help from the bosses.

Pretty Damned Disgusting If You Ask me.

Lowered Expectations.

I can do without these. And so can my people.

Vast Potential resides in every person on the planet. We are all able to be Better than we believe.
And while not everyone can be The Boss, a lot of people can do better.
And a lot of us will do better once great expectations are the norm.
(Like how I played that literary reference right? And I know I shouldn’t do the parenthesis after the period- but I get down like that)(LOVE ME!!!)


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