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MY Ninja?!! Are You seriously substituting for the N WORD??

October 14, 2014

So I’m going to piss off a lot of my readers and all of the little people, and small minded minorities out here in the blogosphere et al.

You see I hate the N Word.
but I really hate it being substituted with the word NINJA.
No for real.
It is sickening.

The enjoyment derived from chiding our own people and or co-opting the n word in a new form for kinship is loathsome to a level I can’t properly express with words.

The N word was used to reduce men to less than human. Indeed a whole race was dehumanized for the good
Of a few and it was disgusting, demoralizing and onerous to say the least.
Now without throwing shade and a shitload of blame- let’s focus on the fools of now.
Rappers and media moguls have portrayed the usage of this word the same way the have cigarettes:
Cool as F@*k.
I’m here to remind them they are wrong and accountable as men..

Legion of young men think they are cool. What’s worse is they think they are ahead of the curve by using ninja. Horrific ignorance. When ignorance is substituted for ignorance nothing is gained.
Frankly I’m shocked to be the first online presence speaking on this subject. When did substitution of hatred with ignorance become smart?
This is akin to changing victims in those you commit domestic violence against. Now I’m not belittling domestic violence. It is a sordid tale that has roots in a sordid past- but we as men have to make moves.
We as men have to not be clever in the cynical sense- we have to rise beyond and lead with proper language and proper behavior.
Are you/we willing to speak ignorance into existence? When we could kill said ignorance?
Who is with me?
Isn’t it time that these fake platitudes and ignorant name calling is ended?
How can we be mad at racism past or present when we propagate its existence?
Is it not time we challenge our men to do more, be more?
When will we stop ignorance and lead a new regime?

Think I’m an asshole?
Let’s chat.

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